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Seeking Emerging Leader for Director at Large of Community Impact

Applications due August 11!

Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana is seeking an emerging leader to fill a board vacancy seat as the Director at Large of Community Impact for YLNI. This individual should be someone who’s non-partisan, but passionate about our community with a drive to make a difference. Within this role, this individual will have an opportunity to shape our community impact efforts and drive initiatives that YLNI as an organization decides to support. This individual will help YLNI stay ahead of the upcoming important issues, but is not required to be the spokesperson of the organization. As the Director, at Large (DaL), this individual would serve their initial board term under the leadership and guidance of the VP of Community Impact.

Background / Skills

Ideal applicants for this position would have the following background, interests, and strengths:

  • Government experience is preferred but not required
  • Strong time management, project management, and organizational skills
  • Public relations (PR) experience
  • Flexible work schedule / job
  • Experience with YLNI as a current or past member (or attendee of various events)

Job Roles / Responsibilities

This individual would take the lead to help from a board level with the following initiatives:

  • Recruit and manage committees and committee chairs, specifically for the following initiatives:
    • YLNI THE VOTE: Meet the Candidates Night
    • YLNI THE VOTE: Rally the Vote
    • YLNI THE VOTE: Candidate Bootcamp (every 4 years)
  • Quarterly Meetings with the following community partners:
    • Mayor Tom Henry
    • Legislative advocates of Northeast Indiana
    • YLNI Foundation Board
    • And more…
  • NOTE: This position would NOT have any required responsibilities with the YLNI Farmer’s Market.

Our Mission

YLNI’s mission is to attract, develop and retain emerging leaders through community, professional and social engagement.

Apply Today:

If you or someone you know may be interested in this position, please email a short bio about yourself and summary of why you may be interested to Patrick Florea at All applications due on or before August 11, 2017. Applicant’s resume and board application may be required. 

P.O. Box 10774
Fort Wayne, IN  46853

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