Citizen Wayne

A series of short films about Fort Wayne

With support from the Lincoln Financial Foundation, YLNI launched a video project aimed at helping showcase area venues and attractions in a manner that would be attractive to the young leaders that our community hopes to attract and retain. Unlike promotions targeting tourists and other visitors, the project promotes the experiential elements of living in the community. 

YLNI commissioned Kelly Lynch of Lynchpin Creative to produce videos, and Citizen Wayne was born.

Citizen Wayne Teaser

The first two videos debuted at the My City Summit on November 2, 2012 before an audience of over 200 young professionals as well as other guests. Citizen River explores the untapped potential of the Fort Wayne rivers – once viewed as a liability of the City.

Citizen River

Citizen My City celebrates community diversity and pride.

Citizen My City

The third Citizen Wayne video debuted at the YLNI Hot Spot at 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union at The Harrison on February 21, 2013. The video captures the experience of a downtown Fort Wayne holiday tradition as viewed by young professionals with different perspectives on family life as they know it.

Citizen Tradition

Stay tuned for the rest of the Citizen Wayne series.

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