Why the name YLNI?

A YLNI by any other name wouldn’t be as hard to pronounce. There was some spirited debate about our name when YLNI first organized. Our main goal was inclusiveness. We didn’t want to be narrowly interpreted by calling ourselves “professionals” or limiting it to only those in Fort Wayne, therefore we thought "Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana" was the best name to describe who we are. We consider ourselves a diverse and talented group looking to impact the entire region. Hence, the beloved, yet awkward acronym, YLNI. (Really, it just rolls off the tongue after the first 100 times. You’ll get used to it.)

When’s the next meeting?

We are a big group but we are not big on formal meetings. Instead, we have a General Membership Meeting for the masses once a year. In addition, we have regular events (e.g. Hot Spots and committee meetings) and special events throughout the year which are held in Fort Wayne and the greater region. If you are looking to learn more, join us for a Hot Spot held on the third Thursday of every month – locations vary by month and will be announced on our events page.

How can I get involved?

One of the best things about YLNI is that you have a plethora of options for involvement. Just testing the waters? Sign up for the weekly newsletter and you’ll get the lowdown on all YLNI happenings. Attend any events that pique your interest. There’s a welcome point at all events to help you start the mingling. Love us and want more? Join a committee and help organize some of those great events you enjoy, while building your skills and making friends. Just can’t get enough? Join the leadership team! We’re always on the look out for new leaders. We’ve got opportunities for task force leaders, committee chairs and board members.

What committee should I join?

This is where the action is! YLNI committees are putting our talk into action with amazing events and support for the organization. We have so much going on and so many more ideas, we would love for you to join in! All of our programs fall under one of our 3 pillars; Community, Professional and Social. You can get more information on the committee pages, but if you’re not sure where to start, check below.

If you're interested in... Consider this committee:
Meeting people Social, Membership
Making a difference Community Impact
Making your voice heard Community Impact
Professional development/networking Leadership Development, Social
Promoting local opportunities Communications
Supporting local businesses
Social, Communications, Community Impact, Living Fort Wayne
Promoting YLNI
Communications, Membership
Having something fun/different to do
Social, Leadership Development
Promoting our community          Living Fort Wayne

Need more information? Contact us.

Email: info@ylni.org
P.O. Box 10774
Fort Wayne, IN  46853

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