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Through your paid membership with YLNI, you'll invest in our organization and our community. Your membership fee goes toward programs like our monthly Hot Spots, where members and non-members can interact in a relaxed environment in a cool space. It allows us to be a conduit of influence through our community engagement and advocacy program, giving our network of young leaders a voice on issues that affect the community. It allows us to offer our High School Leadership Institute to participants at no cost to them, building future leaders. There are many more programs and events that are made possible through our membership fees.

For only $45 annually, you'll join a network of young professionals moving our community forward!
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“For me, YLNI is all about inclusiveness, networking, and leadership. Not only is the membership fee affordable, but the opportunities that a membership presents are yours for the taking! The support and mentoring is also amazing. I’m positive that I will be a part of YLNI for as long as they allow me to stick around!"
- Stephanie Taylor, Taylor Made Business Consulting and Networking

I was lucky to find a group within YLNI that made that small fee worth spending. Admittedly, I don’t take advantage of every benefit the organization offers. But what I've gotten out of my experience with the Living Fort Wayne Committee is worth it. I started just writing a few pieces for the blog, to moving up into a committee leadership role as vice chair and eventually chair. Paying dues holds me accountable and keeps me focused, but the LFW team keeps me inspired.
– Victoria Sarjent, Purdue University Fort Wayne

“YLNI produced a wonderful Vision 20/20 brochure, detailing the results of the Vision 20/20 survey. We had a few great sponsors in Lincoln Financial Foundation and had awesome work done by Lincoln Printing, One Lucky Guitar and Lynchpin Pictures, but we still had some financial difficulty producing a quality brochure on our limited budget. I realized that I didn’t have to pay dues to participate; however, I realized that paying dues really improves YLNI’s programs. If everyone in the network was a paid member, YLNI would have the ability to do some really awesome projects – so I sent in my membership fee! Hopefully others will, too.”
-Monica Freeman, former Vision 20/20 Co-chair

“The paid membership allows access to events at a less expensive rate, and it’s extremely affordable for the benefits and networking available through YLNI.”
-Tonya Kaiser with Summit City Reporting, former YLNI the Vote Chair

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