2017 My City Summit

University of Saint Francis
Robert Goldstine Performing Arts Center
5 p.m. - 9 p.m.


Keep Climbing

The fourth iteration of the My City Summit will be held Tuesday, January 24 at the University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center in downtown Fort Wayne. 

The theme of the 2017 My City Summit will be focused on boosting community strength by harnessing our diversity to generate big ideas, put them in to action, and provide sustainable solutions.

The program includes a lineup of three widely respected presenters who will discuss the importance of diversity in economic development strategies, shaping community culture in the workplace, and the state of the social climate in Northeast Indiana. The keynote is critically-acclaimed author, speaker, and political and cultural analyst, Rich Benjamin, who wrote “Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America.” The additional speakers, who are both highly regarded experts in multiple fields, are community advocate Courtney Tritch and Allison Green from Lincoln Financial Group.

The adventure is long, and no matter the landscape, we push forward. My City Summit's goal since its founding in 2013 has been the courageous pursuit of Fort Wayne’s utmost potential, despite the obstacles.

What begins with a keynote event continues with several community forums, focusing on building momentum and empowering young leaders. These forums embody the commitment to doing the hard work. To making Fort Wayne better and stronger.

During this time of discovery and opportunity, our focus isn’t solely on the problems we face. Leaders, young and elder, continue to look ahead. They take bold steps to move our city forward, and we celebrate their work.

Every year, over 250 individuals take the pledge to stand tall and understand that to make a positive impact on our community, we cannot settle for the status quo. The responsibility is ours. We must look higher. We must keep climbing.

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The History of My City Summit

In November 2012, YLNI hosted its  first My City Summit, inspired by the Knight Foundation’s Soul of the Community survey findings that demonstrated Fort Wayne’s lack of strong community attachment among young college graduates. The inaugural event, “My City Summit: Redefining Community Engagement”, was an instant success with more than 200 young professionals and community leaders gathering to celebrate our city’s successes, and to share ideas on how to improve community attachment and economic vitality.

In April of 2014, YLNI presented “My City Summit: Connect & Thrive”, a dinner conference designed for community leaders to explore their role in building stronger connections in our city by addressing important topics such as engagement, happiness and attachment to the continued revitalization of Downtown Fort Wayne. 

The 2015 My City Summit: Cultivate Innovation, Community, Connection was designed to create a city experience for attendees - an opportunity to participate in the evolving culture and economic sustainability that is critical to attracting and retaining young talent in Fort Wayne. The event endeavored to drive awareness through engagement, to promote ownership and pride, and to endorse diversity & inclusion in our community. Additionally, it served as an opportunity to recognize those who have been drivers of evolution – committed to the transformations and progressive social norms that move our community forward.

For more information on the 2015 My City Summit click here

My City Summit: An Incubator of Collaboration

    It turns out when you get over 250 highly motivated leaders in the same room to discuss collaboration, great things happen! Conversations stemming from My City Summit have inspired over a dozen committees or events, including:

    Will your project be next?

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    Photo Credit: Wendy Quinn

    Photo Credit: Wendy Quinn

    Photo Credit: Wendy Quinn

    Photo Credit: Wendy Quinn

    Photo Credit: Wendy Quinn


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