YLNI Supports Repair FWCS Referendum Phase 2

18 Apr 2016 7:00 AM | Joel Crandall

Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana urges Fort Wayne voters to vote "YES" to the Repair Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) Referendum Phase 2 because we believe this initiative directly aligns with the YLNI mission to attract, develop, and retain emerging leaders. We believe a strong, healthy school system that supports and empowers all young students is essential to the strength of a community. 

Here are 4 reasons to consider voting for Repair FWCS Referendum Phase 2:
1.  This initiative will get our public schools up to proper and safe standards. 
2.  These improvements will provide better lighting, better air quality, and better energy efficiency – all things that will improve our kids' ability to concentrate and perform.
3.  This initiative affects every school district in Fort Wayne, every age of student, and every demographic – suburban, urban, disadvantaged and privileged.
4.  Despite the language on the ballot, this referendum WILL NOT increase your current taxes.  It will simply replace costs for previous school renovation and upgrades.
Even though some voters' children attend private school and these initiatives are for public schools, it affects everyone. These are the neighborhood schools that educate the vast majority of our community’s children. It's important to every community that all of its students, whether they attend public or private school, have the tools and opportunities they need to receive a quality education.

Learn more about the Fort Wayne Community Schools Repair Phase 2 plan here:


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