A Love Letter to Fort Wayne

07 Feb 2017 9:29 AM | Anonymous

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it seemed only appropriate to share with you my love letter to the great city of Fort Wayne to express what I believe are some of the best parts about living in the Summit City.

Dear Fort Wayne,

Your small town charm, yet big city conveniences are the perfect blend for many people in the Midwest who are small town at heart, but crave the big city dream. You are the Indiana underdog. Most of my Ohio friends don’t understand why I enjoy living in a state so populated by corn, but I tell them that they just don’t know the real Fort Wayne. Additionally, there is no greater joy than hitting all the green lights going through downtown. This experience somehow always feels like a huge victory with the Fort Wayne light gods smiling down upon me.

Fort Wayne, your supply of unique dining experiences seems without number, especially, the seemingly endless supply of delicious Mexican food. Finally, your inhabitants are a proud people who are investing in your beauty and economy. It is very exciting to live in a place where people believe in gracing this city with donut ice-cream sandwiches and riverfront development. Fort Wayne, you have truly won my heart.

With love,

Lauren Brune

This blog post is written by Lauren Brune. Lauren is a Fort Wayne transplant from Tipp City, Ohio. She moved here in 2015 after graduating from Ohio Northern University where she studied communications and public relations. She works at LEARN Resource Center in New Haven as the Communications and Special Events Coordinator.

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